Mineral & Energy Investment & Trading

Commodity Trading Division


Extensive Global Network

The trading division of KX Holdings buys, sells, and distributes minerals and energy products globally. We leverage our extensive network and market expertise to negotiate trade agreements and execute transactions.

Strong Customer Relationships

We value our buyers and suppliers, so we work hard to maintain strong relationships with both. We offer value-added services such as market insights, product customization, financing options, and risk management solutions to meet specific needs. As a trusted trading partner, we offer comprehensive support throughout the trading process.

Sustainable, Responsible Trading

Investments that Impact Positively on the Future

KX Holdings' trading division prioritizes sustainable, responsible trading practices. Resources traded must meet rigorous environmental and social standards, including ethical supply chains and transparent sourcing.

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Staying Ahead of Dynamic Global Markets

We constantly monitor market conditions, industry trends, and supply/demand patterns to make informed trading decisions. We maximize trading opportunities while minimizing risk exposure.