Commercial Real Estate

Committed to Economic Growth and Positive Urban Transformation

KX Holdings’ Commercial Real Estate Division integrates sustainability and innovation with a commitment to economic growth and responsible urban transformation. Our investments include mixed-use projects encompassing hospitality, high-end residential properties, and other complementary components.

We Invest In:

Mixed-Use Projects: Vibrant, self-contained communities with diverse services and amenities.
Hospitality Projects: Hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments to cater to the demand for quality accommodations from business and leisure travelers.
High-End Residential Projects: Luxury apartments, villas, and condominiums with premium amenities and exceptional living environments.

Urban Transformation and Economic Growth

Enhancing the future of communities and the overall liveability are essential elements of our projects. We contribute to urban transformation and economic growth, including the revitalizing neglected or underutilized areas. We positively impact and enhance the appeal of the places we invest in and create local job opportunities.